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Do You Have A Self-Defense Plan?

Have you given much thought about your personal safety and what you would do if someone - a perpetrator, mugger, violent attacker - decided to change the scenario of your planned destination?  This is not a happy thought, but one we should think about and consider putting together a self-defense plan that keeps us mentally and physically prepared for any situation.How would you defend yourself if you were to become a victim of a violent attacker?  If you have a plan, you've thought about various situations and included taking a self-defense class and carrying some type of personal protection like Pepper Spray, Mace or a small Stun Gun. With everything we are seeing and reading in the news these situations are becoming more and more prevalent.

If you should encounter a violent attacker, your main goal should always be to escape to safety. However, you may have to fight your way to safety. Should it come down to your life - are you going to accept the consequences of the attack or are you going to fight for your life?  If you fight back, fight like a rabid dog as your life will depend on it!

Most perpetrators look for a what may appear to be an 'easy target.'  That might be someone on a cell phone, distracted with children, or not paying attention to what's going on.  To become mentally prepared we need to be more aware of our surroundings, alert to people and activities going on, knowing where exit doors are when entering a building, restaurant, movie theater, and investing time and effort into taking self-defense training through your local police station or YMCA.  Also carry some type of non-lethal protection like Pepper Spray, Mace, Stun Gun or a TASER.

If you have to fight, know how to effectively hit, punch, strike or gouge the parts of the body that will cause the greatest pain like the eyes, nose, throat, and groin area.  If you punch someone in the throat, poke them in the eyes, or hit them with the palm of your hand on the bridge of the nose, that's going to hurt like hell.  But when you aggressively kick them in the groin or slam your foot into the front or side of the knee - these actions will cause excruciating pain no matter the size of the perpetrator. Remember the attacker doesn't care what happens to you - so strike with maximum force and impact!

Video Courtesy of Buzzfeed Video:

Again, be sure to include an extra dose of protection by carrying Pepper Spray/Mace on your key chain or a small purse size Stun Gun or TASER, and have it readily available should you should need it.  This by itself may be enough to inflict a high degree of pain allowing you to get away to safety. (Just a safety note - whatever personal protection you carry, be sure you're properly trained).

Having a self-defense plan, being mentally prepared, and knowing how to defend yourself against an attacker is key.  If verbal methods don't work and you have to fight for your life - fight to inflict the greatest amount of pain on your attacker that will disable him while you escape to safety and call for help.

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