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Mace Pepper Spray - The Perfect Jogging Partner

Mace Pepper Spray may be the perfect jogging partner!  It's easy to carry, doesn't slow you down, and can disable a would-be attacker quickly with one full spray.  Be sure to take personal safety into consideration as you get ready for your early morning or late evening jog or walk.  As you strap your smartphone to your body and hook up your earbuds be aware of crazy people who may be looking for a soft target  - someone walking looking at their cell phone and unaware of their surroundings.

When you are jogging or walking, you may not hear someone coming behind you -- especially if you're wearing earbuds so make sure you take the volume into consideration. The majority of attackers usually come from behind so when you pass a stranger and he smiles and waves, be aware, peer over your should just to make sure he hasn't switched gears in your direction and is now following you.  This is especially important when you are in a secluded area.

The number of women joggers/walkers who have been attacked, assaulted, and even murdered over the last five years is staggering.  With proper security and safety awareness, a self-defense mindset, and carrying some type of personal protection like Mace Pepper Spray, you can become a woman warrior on the road....to better health and safety!

Here are some personal safety jogging/ walking tips to keep you safe and secure:

  1. Carry some type of personal protection/safety device like Pepper Spray, Audible Alarm, Self-Defense Flashlight, or small Stun Baton with Flashlight.
  2. If you must jog/walk alone, be aware and alert to your surroundings especially in secluded areas.  Try going with a partner or take your dog along.
  3. Carefully check male jogger/walkers as you pass them.  If you notice anything suspicious or you have an bad feeling trust your gut instinct and remove yourself from the situation immediately.
  4. If jogging/walking during hours of darkness, carry a self-defense flashlight and/or wear reflective arm bands, shoe reflectors, or reflective vest so you are visible to cars or others to see.
  5. If you have earbuds on, make sure you can hear noise like like sirens, horns, on-coming vehicles or someone approaching you from behind at a quick pace. Be aware of your surroundings.
  6. Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.  Carry a charged up cell phone with you.



Keep up your workout program of jogging or walking but be smart and always keep your personal safety first and foremost!

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