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Pool Alarm Protector Helps Reduce Accidental Pool Drownings

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you know that is a favorite place for your children as well as the entire family. If you have very young children - babies, toddlers, preschool age children and above, they need to have constant supervision when they are in or near the water to prevent accidents.  Make sure your backyard pool area is a totally safe place for your children.Accidental drownings happen every year when small children stray from adult supervision and enter a backyard pool area.  One of the first precautions parents can do to reduce the chances of youngsters accessing the family pool without adult supervision is to build layers of protection in and around the pool area.  This would include barriers such as a fence around the pool, an alarm on a back door or slider that goes out to the backyard pool area, a power safety cover over the pool, a pool alarm protector, and/or a voice alert monitoring system.


  1.  Pool Alarm Protector.  An electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm when children or pets fall into an unsupervised pool.  It's portable, self-contained, light weight and easy to operate.  Entry into the pool will be detected by the Pool Alarm's electronic sensor, triggering a loud pulsating alarm at the unit and inside your house from the remote receiver.
  2. Pool Fence.  Install a fence or wall around the entire pool area.  If the house is part of the barrier area, the doors leading from the house to the pool should be protected with an alarm or the pool should have a power safety cover.  The fence around the pool area should be at least 4' or higher and should be such that a small child cannot climb over.
  3. Audible alarm on doors leading to pool area.  If you have a home security system, make sure doors leading to the pool area have either a beeping sound or an audible voice telling you when a door is open.  That way if the pool access door is opened it can actually say in a voice "Pool Door Open" alerting anyone in the home that someone, perhaps a small child is heading to the backyard pool area.
  4. Power Safety Covers.  A power safety cover is a motor powered barrier that can be placed over the pool water area.  Motor-driven covers easily open and close over the pool.  When the power safety cover is properly in place over the pool it provides a high level of safety for children under 5 years old by inhibiting their access to the water.
  5. Voice Alert System - Child Monitoring and Annunciator.  An annunciator system featuring wireless PIR (passive infra-red motion detectors) sensor transmitters and a remote receiver/speaker base unit.  Users record their own alert messages and are then notified with their own voice message when activity in a monitored zone is detected.  A motion sensor zone can sweep entrance to the pool area so if a child wanders through the beam that controls that zone it will immediately sound an alarm and alert someone in the house with a message.


Check your swimming pool area to see if you need to make any of these upgrades.  Also, checkout the links to some of the preventative protection listed above.  Let's keep your children safe in and around the swimming pool this summer by taking preventative measures to ensure pool safety.


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