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Welcome To The Personal Security Store!

Welcome to The Personal Security Store where we are launching with a new look and a mission to provide our customers with the highest quality, non-lethal personal protection, self-defense products, survival gear, and 24-7 home security to give you the ability to protect yourself and your family anytime no matter where you are.

If the crisis world we live in is making you feel slightly vulnerable about your personal security, we offer something as simple as an audible personal protection device so you can attract the attention of others if you need help. Or if you need to defend yourself and are uncomfortable using a lethal weapon such as a firearm, we offer non-lethal Stun Guns, TASERS, Pepper Sprays, and Mace Defensive Sprays.  We also offer Survival Gear and Survival Kits when unforeseen emergencies happen.

Of course we all hope to never be in a confrontation where we are forced to defend ourselves against a perpetrator or survive a major catastrophy, but it is always better to be well-prepared and ready should these type of situations arise.

Again, thanks for stopping by The Personal Security Store.  We look forward to showing you what we offer and how we can help protect you and your family 24/7.  For your initial visit and purchase we are offering a 15% discount just by using this Code - SECURITY2017.




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